Freya Gabriel: Adelaide’s 12-year-old Jewellery maker

Freya Gabriel: Adelaide’s 12-year-old Jewellery maker


From the pages of literature, one can easily attribute Shakespeare's famous quote, “though she be but little, she is fierce” to Freya Gabriel. She is only 12, but the pint-sized Adelaidean is probably city's youngest jewellery maker. Her fierce love for colours and everything vibrant is reflected in her creations that include bead earrings, pendants made out of discarded watercolour artwork, and customised pieces, and are reminiscent of trinkets that are found in markets across the world. Freya accidentally stumbled into the world of jewellery making and decided to stay there. The Grade 7 student has had a bit of success courtesy word-of-mouth publicity and pop-ups in flea markets. And, her love affair with beads refuses to ebb anytime soon.  

Meeting beads:

She was introduced to jewellery making by her mother’s art group. “The group had started making jewellery but due to certain circumstances, decided to discontinue the activity. Before doing so, the head of the art group who was aware of my love art and craft gave me all the materials they were using like beads. I was absolutely fascinated by them, and decided to use them to create my own pieces,” she says. Freya was 10-year-old then.  

Since then Freya has been creating a myriad range of jewellery pieces from earrings, necklaces, rings, and pendants.


After two years, Freya has managed to create a niche for herself, selling her wares on Facebook and various flea markets. “I have started creating other jewellery pieces but making earrings remain my favourite. It gives me a sense of pride when I see others wearing my creations and loving them. I have gotten a lot of recognition through word-of-mouth advertising, which is extremely encouraging,” says the Mawson Lakes Primary School student. 

Freya was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetic when she was five. Since her diagnosis, Freya has been donating a part of her income from selling her wares to support research for a cure for diabetes conducted by Juvenile Diabetes Reseach Foundation.  



Being Inspired:   

Freya’s sources of inspirations range from online jewellery pictures to her artist mother Coralie James’s creations. The Mawson Lakes resident frequently collaborates with her.


“I use pieces of her discarded artwork to make pendants. I love that her creations often have a story to tell, and are quirky. I cut the discarded ones into smaller pieces, and use clay and resin to make them into pendants. They are becoming my favourite!  

Being quite an active person Freya loves indulging in activities such as dance, sports, creating art – clay making, painting. "In short, I love getting my hands dirty in order to create something!,” she says.  


Freya aspires to become a professional jewellery maker when she grows up. “But for now, I am happy playing and creating with my beads,” she adds.

Like the pieces? Get in touch with Freya for more. 

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