LunchBunch Adelaide: Gift an edible bouquet to your loved one!

LunchBunch Adelaide: Gift an edible bouquet to your loved one!


It was a simple yet ingenious creation made by Vlada Kazimirchuk for her daughter that gave birth to one of the more exciting new businesses in the city, LunchBunch Adelaide. First, of its kind in South Australia, Vlada's LunchBunch Adelaide provides edible bouquets that include a range of items from sweet treats like chocolates and souffles to savoury items like cheese and meat. The bouquets inspired by flower arrangements are a perfect lunch gift for friends, family and lovers. And, given the eclectic collection, colourful display, and obvious health benefits, these LunchBunch bouquets are becoming a city favourite.  

In a conversation with TAL, Vlada speaks about the inspiration behind her company, the creation of the bouquets, and her plans for the future.   

We would love to know more about the brainchild behind LunchBunch Adelaide! Please tell us something about yourself.  

I was born in Russia and moved to Australia in 1999. I studied Interior Design in Sydney and was working in the industry until about five years ago, before moving to SA. After moving here, I have been helping my husband establish our construction company. I am still in the construction industry - it is just not letting me go!  

From construction to food - how did that transition take place?  

I think my interest in this venture piqued when I made my first bouquet comprising sweets and fruits for my daughter who was attending a birthday party in the city. On reaching the venue, she called me excitedly and said that numerous strangers complimented her on the bouquet and they all wanted to know where she got it from.

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That incident essentially set the LunchBunch wheels in motion. The same week I decided to put together various bouquets displaying new designs. My initial few edible arrangements were far from perfect! I then tapped into my 15 years of experience in Interior Design to find the ideal balance in colours, shape and textures. And, slowly in a month, this fledgling hobby turned into a successful business.  

What is LunchBunch all about?  

What we do at LunchBunch is create unique edible bouquets for all occasions from small to large. Our bouquets consist of fruits, chocolates, and treats like cookies, souffles, mini rolls, among many, many more. Or, our clients can customise their LunchBunch- they can leave a list of their prefered items, and we will do the needful. 

LunchBunch is for people who like to share and give joy to others. It’s a fantastic business, and has been a tremendous journey! Putting this business together infuses me with so much positivity every day. I love to see the faces and smiles, and even tears of joy of those who receive these bouquets! That's just priceless. 

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How do you go about creating new LunchBunches every day? What's the thought process behind it?

We have several collections in our online menu that can satisfy any demands. For special days, like Mother's or Valentine's Day, we create new designs that are then advertised on our social media. My favourite is the customised bouquets enabling customers to use their own creativity!

It is most definitely a challenge to put all items together and to make sure the final product matches our standards. We work hard to ensure that our clients get their money's worth.  

What kind of research did you undertake before starting LunchBunch?  

There was a lot of learning involved initially. I had to learn about seasonal fruits, berries and veggies, and how to keep them fresh. I also had to understand how to work with chocolates, and how to maintain the finished bouquets, so they don't get spoilt. Also, setting up shipments and ensuring smooth delivery of our products was not an easy task. But through trial and error, we learnt how to go about it.  

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How does one go about ordering a Lunch Bunch?  

It is pretty straightforward. Just log onto our website, choose the bouquet from our wide range of products and follow the prompts on the page. Do keep a watch on the prices, as they change depending on the season, and occasions.

Are the food items locally sourced?  

All our produce is sourced from local stores, Adelaide farms, local markets and Hahndorf Fresh Market. Some sweets are also custom made for us.  

What type of bunches do people usually order for - are these sweet-based or fruit heavy?

In the beginning, many people opted for the sweet LunchBunches! But now, we see a trend with many of our customers opting for healthier bouquets that are gluten-free, vegan or sugar-free. 

Was it easy to get people interested in such a unique endeavour?   

Absolutely! I think it is because our bouquets look so unique and colourful, that it instantly became a big hit on social media. Soon, many of our pics started going viral, and I think that played a significant role in our success.  

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What kind of challenges do you face when dealing with a business such as yours?

Many ladies all over Australia are asking me for a Franchise Licence. I also get similar requests from people from Canada, America and Japan. This requires a lot of planning and getting all of the legal work sorted in becoming a challenge. 

What are your plans for the future?  

I am trying to dedicate a lot of my time to create a more robust online system for ordering, deliveries, clients notifications and accommodating several sale managers all around Australia and overseas. 

I have also approached a lawyer to help create Franchise documents. Though it is expensive, this will be great for all the creative ladies who want to be their boss and create something that is both beautiful and beneficial.  

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